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Root Cleaning

Tree Root Problems in Mattoon, IL

Trees complete your landscaping and make the whole neighborhood look more appealing. They also create problems underground. We see a significant number of clogs and even breaks in sewer lines caused by tree root incursion. When you experience slow-draining sinks, tubs, and showers, or you can’t seem to make a clog budge, you might have a blocked sewer line due to an infestation of tree roots. Call Geno’s Sewer and Drain Cleaning for professional tree root cleaning services. We’re the root cleaning experts in Mattoon, IL. We’ll get your sewer line moving in the right direction.

Trusted Root Cleaning Service

We’ve been taking care of residential and commercial sewer lines since 1981. We’ve handled our share of sewer lines with tree root clogs. Our customers trust that when they contact us for sewer root cleaning, we’ll get the job done efficiently and at a competitive price. Customers love our professional and friendly service. Our company prides itself on offering same-day sewer cleaning services. We also guarantee customer satisfaction for any work we perform.

Your Local Sewer Cleaning Experts

Geno’s Sewer and Drain Cleaning remains the number one choice for tree root cleaning services. With our dedication to providing fast and dependable service, we won’t leave you stuck with a root problem or a clogged sewer. Our team can blast through tree roots in sewer lines in record time! We’re locally owned and operated and serve customers in Mattoon, IL and Charleston, IL.

If you suspect that you have tree roots clogging your sewer lines, call us at 217-254-8077 and schedule service.